How to Concentrate to Study English?

The first thing to keep in mind when you start “studying English” is that English is not studied like History or Law. It’s not about sitting down to memorize, it’s about training your ear, your mind, and the parts of your body that you use to speak continuously and constantly. Today we are going to focus on tricks that help you focus to learn English. Six specific tricks, here you have them.

1. Find an isolated place

This is essential: when you start studying, training, or whatever you want to call it, you have to be in a place where no one is going to bother you during the time you spend studying and, above all, where you don’t mind speaking in voice high. If you intend to learn English without speaking aloud, you will not succeed. So you have to be comfortable or comfortable enough to do it without any embarrassment.

2. Save a period of time a day, every day, and respect it

 Can you imagine a gymnast who trained only once a week for many hours at a time? Do you think I would be ready to compete? Obviously not. Well, the same thing happens with English. There is no use bingeing on studying once a week, or once every two weeks. What you have to do is practice every day. We repeat it, and now in capital letters: what you have to do is practice EVERY DAY. We know from experience that if not, you will not get it. Having a minimum of 20 minutes a day of contact with English is essential. Save even those 20 minutes and respect them, otherwise it will cost you a lot to move forward.

 3. Have it all planned

The first minutes of your study are the ones that are going to spread the most because your intellectual performance is usually going to be higher at that time. Don’t waste those precious minutes thinking “Let’s see … what am I learning today?” If you do that, you will lose focus and you will waste a lot of time.

Have it thought in advance! Before sitting down to study, it is vital that you know what you have to do on that particular day. And for that you have to have a good study plan. Spend some time each week to elaborate it and write down in an agenda or a calendar what you are going to study each day. In this way, you will arrive, sit down and get to work without losing focus.

 4. Get out of your study area

 You can not only study English in your isolated place. Get out there! Chat with English speakers whenever you have the chance, put on the radio in English when you are driving, practice out loud what you have learned while taking a shower, practice mentally while you go on the subway, translate your thoughts into English when you walk down the street, put on podcasts in English while you run… There are a thousand ways to insert English into your daily life! And all this, of course, falls within the daily minimum 20 minutes of which we spoke before.

 5. Review before bed

 That moment when you are in bed waiting for you to fall asleep is ideal to mentally review everything you already know. To keep from messing around, just think of three little things each day and go over them while you fall asleep. You can also start building sentences about the things you are going to do the next day or what you have done that day, for example. Who knows? Maybe you can even dream in English!

Here is a video showcasing more tips on how to learn the English language